Hair Signs That Indicate Bad Health

However,more important is the fact that hair is actually a barometer indicating good or bad health. Disorders of the body like anaemia, thyroid problems, hormonal imbalance and problems related to general health can be diagnosed by doing a hair test.Therefore, problems with our hair should be taken seriously, because they are reflective of problems within. Our hair reacts swiftly to changes in our body. It is nourished directly by the blood stream and any change in blood content on account of medication, hormones or lack of nutrients results in hair and scalp-related problems. Hair loss is nothing more than a signal of distress within the body. Once the signal is recognised and the reason for it determined and treated, the hair goes back to its normal pattern of shedding which is so subtle that we may not even realize it is happening.
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Low level laser therapy not a hair loss treatment

Instead the hair remains thinner the follicle becomes dormant and eventually stops producing hair. And its final. But low level laser hair therapy suggests otherwise. According to laser hair therapy specialists the phototherapy delivered by lasers actually rejuvenates the scalp. The lasers red light travels several layers into the tissue without cutting or burning the scalp. Absorbed by the cells, it actually stimulates the hair follicle repair process.
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Hair Loss: A Growing Affliction Amongst Young Women

Dr. Weaver urges all women to seek treatment for preventable baldness, and he stresses the importance of doing so at every age. Young women are not immune to this problem and, in fact, will suffer the consequences longer if their hair loss goes untreated. Dr. Weavers Black Hair Loss Guide arms women with the information they need to face their hair loss and seek real help for it.
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